'America's Got Talent:' Crowd favorite, Sebastien de la Cruz, gets cut in shocking elimination!

After several amazing performances in Tuesday night's America's Got Talent quarterfinals, four acts have advanced into the next round…and I am SO upset and disappointed to say that my absolutely favorite contestant, 10-year-old mariachi singer Sebastien De La Cruz is not one of them!


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After giving such a passionate and emotional performance the night before, De La Cruz earned heaps of praise from the judges and a rousing round of applause from the audience--which is why I am still totally shocked that he did not make it into the semifinals! I mean, SERIOUSLY, America?! With everyone talking about how adorable and unexpectedly talented he is, I thought he was a sure thing!

Though I'm pretty disheartened by his elimination, I'm still holding out hope we'll get to see him on the show again. A few past contestants get called back as the judges' "wild card" picks later on in the show…and all I can say is he better be one of them! He deserves it!

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But there was one silver lining to last night's otherwise upsetting episode. One of my other favorite Latino acts, Mexican sand artist Joe Castillo, did make it into the finals for his beautiful and moving performance the previous night. Whew! At least I agree with America on that one. Congratulations, Joe!

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