Alexa Vega's divorce is bringing out her wild child! (PHOTOS)

No sooner has half-Colombian star Alexa Vega filed for divorce from her producer husband, Sean Covel, but it looks as if she's definitely proclaiming to the world that she is single and ready to mingle!

The 23-year-old star is making a statement by recently tweeting a photo of herself looking very, very sexy in a metallic bikini and even making it her current Twitter account profile photo. The picture, where she's also rocking smoky eyes and soft waves, is a preview from her upcoming movie, Machete Kills.


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She's obviously not afraid to flaunt it if she's got it--and, MAN, does she have it! She may have looked all innocent in her former Spy Kids movies, but now she's all grown up and ready to show it off. I wonder if getting divorced has boosted her confidence or if she's just finally not holding back. In any case, she seems to be enjoying herself.

The star, who plays KillJoy in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez-directed flick, is also prancing around Austin, Texas, having a good time and even tweeting a photo of some tattoo parlors with the caption "Austin... You are so tempting...". So is she thinking of getting a tattoo? Seems like it!

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Whatever she's thinking, I'm glad to see that she's not locking herself up to wallow after the divorce. I'm sure whatever she's feeling isn't easy--but she definitely seems to be recovering pretty quickly! Sexy new photos, a possible tattoo, virgin piña coladas by the pool (which, seriously, I don't believe are alcohol-free)… it's all adding up to a pretty good and slightly wild post-divorce life.

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Images via Alexa Vega/Twitter

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