'America's Got Talent:' 10-year-old mariachi singer, Sebastien de la Cruz, blows away competition! (VIDEOS)

Last night, the competition on America's Got Talent heated up as twelve contestants fought to make one of four slots in the upcoming season finale. And once again, my favorite act of all, the adorable 10-year-old mariachi singer, Sebastien De La Cruz, stole the entire show with his remarkable vocal talent.


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Backed by his band of musicians, De La Cruz (who goes by "El Charro de Oro" on stage) performed an amazing rendition of the love song "Bésame Mucho," even tossing a rose to judge Sharon Osbourne, who was already on her feet for a standing ovation. His passionate performance absolutely blew away the audience and all three of judges, all of whom showered him with praise.

"I love what you all do," Osbourne told him, bringing tears to De La Cruz's eyes. Howie Mandel agreed, calling him "an old soul." 

Wow, what an amazing performance! For such a young kid, De La Cruz has an incredible voice and stage presence that is well beyond his years. With that talent, there is no way that he won't make it to the finals!

And although his was my favorite act of the night, Mexican sand artist Joe Castillo's was a close second. Using music and a back-lit sand pit, Castillo created an animated story about the planet that illustrated a lion and an elephant before ending in the picture of a crying eye. The performance was very cool and surprisingly touching! Howard Stern agreed, saying, "You are unique, you are amazing, people should vote for you."

It's amazing to see two such talented Latino acts performing so well this far in the show. And though I know that the competition this season is tough, I have confidence that both will be making it past the elimination rounds tonight and all the way to the finals!  

What do you think of their performances? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via NBC

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