Serial prankster Manny Perez pulls not-so-funny highway prank on his wife! (VIDEO)

Has your husband ever pulled a prank on you? Most likely, you were surprised at the time but are now (hopefully) able to look back on it and laugh. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that will be the case with this husband's unsuccessful attempt at a joke, captured in the video below. Why? The prank was not very funny and actually kind of dangerous!


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As can be seen in the clip, notorious serial prankster Manny Perez is driving with his sleeping wife in the passenger seat and his kids in the backseat when he decides to fool his wife into thinking they are about to get in a car accident.  Using the truck that is being towed in road ahead of them and a camera to record the whole thing, Perez shakes the wife and starts shouting, "That truck is about to hit us!" Of course, the poor wife wakes up screaming and in a panic… until she realizes that he is joking, at which point, she turns around to slap the camera away from her.

And rightly so! Seriously, I would've killed my husband if I had been in that position! Pretending to get in a car accident is not at all funny at any time, but especially when your kids are sitting in the backseat. Maybe he should've been less focused on joking around and holding a camera and more focused on, you know, actually paying attention while driving? Luckily, the kids didn't even seem to notice what was going on or else they also would've been terrified!

Watch the whole thing go down here:

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Image via YouTube

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