Victoria Justice sings Maroon 5 medley with Max Schneider (VIDEO)

In preparation for her big tour this summer, half-Puerto Rican actress and singer Victoria Justice has just made a super fun video medley with tourmate Max Schneider. In it, the two seem to have a hoot singing a medley of Maroon 5 songs--all while dancing around a house in a "live lyric video", meaning that every single lyric from the song is actually written out the in the video. I'm sure it was QUITE a feat to do, but they make it seem so easy!


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The star of Nickelodeon's Victorious can REALLY sing, let me tell you! Along with her buddy from How to Rock, the video is one impressive shoot. It's actually all one continuous shot, which is difficult enough to do (just think: they can't mess up even ONCE!) but to also have all of the lyrics written out in fun, new, different creative ways? That's just amazing.

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I do have a confession: I've never actually seen Victoria Justice sing before but now I am pretty much obsessed. I had no idea the girl had such an amazing voice! I mean, I'd heard she did… but this is on a whole other level, really. I can't for the life of me imagine doing a video shoot like this without messing up, but she's clearly got the chops! I think I'll be watching this video a few dozen more times before the day is over.

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Image via YouTube

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