Did Evelyn Lozada make new hubby, Chad Ochocinco, change his name back to Johnson?

After four years under the moniker "Ochocinco," Evelyn Lozada's new husband is back to being Chad Johnson. The NFL star made it official in the courthouse today—and he said the reason for the change is his wife!

 Apparently, the couple, who got married earlier this month, preferred that Lozada's new last name be a real one and not one he controversially claimed a few years ago. Lozada, for her part, has already changed the name on her Twitter profile to "Evelyn Johnson."


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I personally am glad that Lozada made him change it back! That whole "Ochocinco" thing as his last name was completely ridiculous. I mean, a nickname is one thing, but having it be your official claim to fame for the rest of your life? I totally understand Lozada's thinking—I wouldn't want to carry the name Mrs. Ochocino either!

But though the name might have been silly, I think the actual gesture of switching it back is kind of sweet. At least he's showing that he cares by taking her feelings into account and obeying her wishes.  Plus, the fact that she wants to go more conservative with her name shows that Lozada is more of a traditional Latina than she seems!  

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Now comes the next question: Will we get to see this whole name change discussion on their show, Ev & Ocho?

 What do you think of Chad changing back his name for the sake of his wife? Tell us in the comments below!

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