A long time ago, a client invited me and some colleagues to watch Andre Agassi against Pete Sampras at the U.S. Open finals. It was quite an event for me because I was such a big fan of Agassi. I actually found him very sexy--and I remember sharing my views with the rest of my Latin colleagues. One of them immediately responded, "Agassi, handsome and sexy? Oh, come on, Sofia, imagine him wearing a brown UPS suit and picking up a package at our office; would he still look sexy in those brown shorts?"

I had to admit that he'd made a good point. A huge part of what made Agassi so sexy was the fact that he played tennis beautifully, he always won, and he was married to Brooke Shields at the time. He was pretty much unattainable.

That's why I've been so taken with artist Danny Evans, who transforms the faces of some heavyweight names from the big screen and turns them into average Joes in his Planet Hiltron photo series, like Jennifer Lopez above!


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Evans was fascinated with people like Paris Hilton and how they become celebrities (when he started his series in 2006, she was everywhere). He first started a MySpace page satirizing Paris's overexposure, but his work has evolved since, and now he has quite an amount of images of the most glamorous stars made to look distinctively average.

 All these stars are revered for their looks and superb style of dressing, even more so than for their talent as entertainers. But what would the world's most famous faces look like if they didn't have makeup artists and stylists? Regular people.

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I applaud the concept behind Planet Hiltron. In a world that's increasingly bombarded with Photoshopped images of "perfect" women and celebrities, it's actually refreshing to see a site that shows them the way they would look if they were just everyday people. It's really a great eye-opener for our society--and especially for a future generation of kids so that they don't grow up venerating a culture of quick-fix diets, personal chefs and Botox treatments. Check out some more of Evans's work below!

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Image via Planet Hiltron/facebook

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