Sofia Vergara is going to get animated!

Have you ever wondered what our favorite Latina funny woman would look like as a cartoon? Well, come this fall, you're going to find out!

Sofia Vergara has just signed on to guest star on Family Guy and The Cleveland Show, according to Entertainment Weekly. She's the latest celebrity to join the 11th season of Family Guy and the 4th season of The Cleveland Show, but seems to be the only one that doing both. I think it's safe to say that it's because she's just so very funny!


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Now, to be honest, I've not watched Family Guy in quite some time, but if there was ever a reason to start watching the show again, then it's DEFINITELY because Sofia is going to be there. I mean, seriously, how amazing would she look in animation?

Apparently she'll actually be playing a sassy (and curvy) lover in a gag (maybe a dream?) that Peter Griffin has where he's dressed as a telenovela lothario. I can just imagine the two of them looking great and making me laugh. Plus, she's also going to be playing a woman selling roses in a restaurant on Family Guy as well as voicing a character named Tía Sofia who, in true Latina style, tries to talk Cleveland into hosting a quinceañera for his son's birthday.

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I think it will definitely be a hoot to see Sofia as a cartoon, in particular as Tía Sofia trying to convince someone who's not Latin to throw his SON a quinceañera. I mean, seriously, how is that NOT going to be the funniest thing, ever?! I'm really looking forward to seeing the Modern Family star as her animated self.

Will you be watching Sofia Vergara get animated on Family Guy and The Cleveland Show? Share with us in the comments below!

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