Okay, we all know that William Levy is SO FREAKING HOT but now that there are rumors flying around about him being cast as Christian Grey in the movie adaptation of popular erotica novel 50 Shades of Grey, I'm even more breathless.

He went on Extra last night to talk with his buddy (and host of the show) Mario Lopez about this exciting possible development and his upcoming project with Tyler Perry--which he revealed to the world for the first time yesterday. So what's the sexy Cuban star got to say about it all?

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When it comes to appearing as the sexy billionaire and dominant lover Christian Grey to not-quite-that-submissive Anastasia Steele, William admitted that he liked the book and thinks "all guys should be like that." Okay, I liked the books but I didn't LOVE them and, to be honest, I was really annoyed by the over controlling tendencies of Mr. Grey, so I'm hoping William is referring more to his romantic (and sexually experienced) tendencies. Though I admit: he'd make an AMAZING Christian Grey for sure.

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Sadly, that's not actually happening YET but I'm definitely hoping. In the meantime, he broke some movie news by telling the audience that he's going to be starring in a new Tyler Perry romantic comedy that the actor/writer/director/producer wrote and will be producing, with shooting starting in September. Either way, I really want to see a LOT more of William Levy (um, what woman doesn't?) so I just can't wait for that!

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Are you excited to hear that William Levy is going to be in a new Tyler Perry movie? Do you want to see him cast as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey movies? Share with us in the comments below!

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While I think William Levy is very hot - he's too old to play Christian Grey. I'd much rather see an actor in his late twenties with this role!
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Too old to play Christian Grey??? You can't be serious. Hes in his early thirties and Christian is 27/28 in the books. I can't think of one actor that is in his mid twenties that could pull off the smolder that is necessary to play Fifty.
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William Levy is Christian Grey William Levy is a very incredibly good-looking, attractive, and sexy man, who instantly spellbinds and captivates you.  This Beautiful man has model good looks, sultry hazel eyes, blondish-light brown hair, sensual lips, and a panty-busting smile.  At 6’1”, William has a towering, confident, and commanding presence along with a very muscular, broad shouldered Adonis body that create the fantasy, mystery male lead that is Christian Grey. William Levy not only possesses all the physical characteristics and sex appeal, but has the talent, acting experience, and ability to perform in a particular role as seen in the numerous Telenovelas such as "Triunfo del Amor" (Triumph of Love) and "Sortilegio" (Enchantment).   With the use of dialect coach for actors, William would certainly deliver a believable performance portraying Christian Grey.       William Levy, known as the "Latin Brad Pitt" (a younger, dreamy Brad Pitt), is the epitome of male beauty and embodies the complete fantasy male lead role and essence that is Christian Grey.   William is the Perfect fit as the Unknown actor to bring a very sexy movie to life portraying a sensual, intensely dominant, sexy man of many shades that is Christian Grey.  William Levy is Christian Grey
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I think the best Christian Grey would in my books is Ryan Gosling ... he's hot ... he has the body and ohhh my god he has the smoldeing eyes that would make a woman do anything he asks
matt bomer is christian grey
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No, he is not Christian Grey. Although he is handsome, he doesn't have that mysterious, dark, look to him....Ian somerhalder has those eyes that scream and pull you in wanting more...that's Christian Grey material!
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William levy not mysterious or dark enough?!!! Really now, drips with sexiness, Christian Grey all over!!!
Ryan Gosling? Really I'm reading some of these comments, and I just don't get the flipping female swooning of that man. he's ugly. Anyways, I could STOMACH William in this role. But I'm going to keep my hopes in Ian Somerhalder. For me he's a much better choice ;]
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YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way excited to be able to see William in a movie! We need to see more of him!!!!!!!!!! I do think he would be a great choice for' 50 Shades of Grey'. Can not picture any other....................
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William is the best choice by far! Some of the others... Ian and Ryan are SO not Christian!!! I'm just sayin'....
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