Sofia Vergara is having a BIG year. In just the last couple of weeks, the Modern Family star turned 40, got engaged and now, she's officially number one on Forbes list of  highest paid TV actresses in 2012!


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Between her role on the ABC sitcom, her endorsement deals with Cover Girl and Diet Pepsi (in English) among several others in Spanish, her Kmart clothing line, and three movie roles, Forbes estimates that the actress's earnings total about $19 million. Oh and let's not forget about her role as co-founder of management company Latin World Entertainment. Whew! With all that on her plate, it's a miracle that Vergara even had time to plan such an epic birthday celebration.

I am so happy for my favorite funny Latina and believe she totally deserves the title. I mean, looking at her ridiculously long laundry list of projects, it's clear that she is one serious entertainment mogul. Plus, she has worked hard for her success, slowly making her way to the monstrous fame she now enjoys over the course of 17 long years in show biz!

Vergara isn't the only one to pave the way for Latinos on television. Here are 5 other powerful Latinas who also rule the small screen:

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