Jenni Rivera opens up about finding out her lover molested her sister & daughter

Jenni Rivera has been putting her life on screen for a while now for her reality show I Love Jenni." But in a recent interview, the star got even more personal, discussing how difficult it was to relive certain memories in order to write her new memoir--like how she felt when realized her significant other had been sexually abusing her sister and her children.


With the finale of Rivera's show this Sunday, the Mexican mom is looking ahead to several other upcoming projects, including a clothing line and a new fragrance. But of all her career plans, Rivera says that working on her autobiography has been one of the most meaningful and the most challenging.

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"It's actually like receiving therapy. But it hurts all over again," Rivera, who is not using a ghost writer in the creation of the book, told the Huffington Post. "So it has been a little more difficult than I thought it would be."  Some of the experiences she says were the hardest to write about? Getting pregnant at the age of 15, juggling school with parenting, and perhaps most difficult of all, how it was "being in a domestic violence situation."   

Wow, I can't even imagine writing down my most personal and heartbreaking moments for the all the world to see. Having a reality show about your current life must already be super invasive, but writing an autobiography with so many private details? As a naturally reserved person, that sounds pretty impossible to me.    

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I give Rivera a lot of credit not only for thriving despite what has obviously been a difficult journey, but also for being brave enough to talk about her experiences openly and using them to connect with her fans. And I especially love that she's always so optimistic and determined. In fact, in the interview, she also revealed that she wants to be the "Mexican-American Oprah Winfrey!" Well, with her positive attitude, that certainly sounds feasible to me!

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