'America's Got Talent:' Latin dance group, The Untouchables, stuns the crowd again! (VIDEO)

The competition on America's Got Talent is heating up! On last night's episode, the quarterfinals round continued on as 12 participants fiercely tried to prove their worth to the judges. But of all the performances, I was only really taken aback by one: the act by Latin dancing troupe The Untouchables!


In their initial audition, the group, which is made up of a few very talented young kids,  stunned the judges and the audience with their insanely impressive technique. But this time around, they came back even better than before with a vibrant routine and perfectly synchronized dance moves.

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"You are remarkable," said Howard Stern. "The level that you're dancing at this age is absolutely inspiring."  And fellow judge Sharon Osbourne felt the same way, calling their choreography "superb."

I have to say, I completely agree! Honestly, I am in complete awe of these kids. I mean, they're just so good and they seem so comfortable on stage. It's as if they're adult professionals who have been performing for decades!

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With this stellar act, it's pretty likely that they'll be moving on to the finals--and they totally deserve to do so! It's clear that they work really hard and their talent is just astonishing. And though there are only four open spots for dancers in the next round of the show, I have no doubt that The Untouchables will take one of them.

What do you think of their performance? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via NBC

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