Crying baby prank has hilarious results! (VIDEO)

If you saw a crying baby left alone in public, chances are you would probably stop and try to help or attempt to find the parents…at least, I hope you would! I myself am one of those completely paranoid females who freaks out a little every time I see a young child wandering by themselves. That's why I know I would have totally fallen for the hilarious--but kind of evil-- prank that one man recently played on strangers!

As seen in the video below, YouTube prankster Jack Vale put the public to the test when he left a covered car seat, holding what seemed to be a crying baby, alone on a bench. When people heard the cries, they stopped to see what going on-- and they were shocked at what they saw!


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All I can say is that (thankfully!) there wasn't a real baby in there….but you will  be surprised at what is! The well-intentioned individuals in the video were definitely taken aback. In fact, I thought their reactions were pretty freaking funny, even though I admit the prank was a teeny bit mean.   

Watch the prank go down here:

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Image via YouTube

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