Demi Lovato looks healthy and gorgeous on the cover of Self magazine! (PHOTOS)

These days, it's pretty rare to find celebrities who are open and honest about personal ordeals they've faced in their past. But Latina actress and singer, Demi Lovato, has always been very candid about her struggles with cutting, body image and eating disorders—which is part of why I've always been a big fan and also why I was so glad to see her looking healthy, happy and absolutely gorgeous on the August cover of Self.


Lovato, who is gearing up to host the Teen Choice Awards later this month, is portrayed on the cover of the magazine  smiling while sporting long, blonde locks (where'd the pink ends go?!) and a tight, yellow strapless that shows off her toned curves.  And I have to say, she looks amazing! Seriously, her exes Wilmer Valderrama and Joe Jonas must be eating their hearts out right now.

The 19-year-old has obviously come a long way in terms of gaining confidence and embracing her life. "I'm treating myself with love and doing good things for my mind and soul," she told the magazine. Well, it's clearly working—between her music, X-Factor duties, and now this upcoming hosting gig, she is busier than ever!

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But her packed schedule doesn't mean she's skimped on her workout routine. Lovato told the magazine that she works out five or six days a week for her "peace of mind, not to lose weight" and that she runs, bikes, boxes and does yoga. Wow…with all that dedication, it's no wonder she looks so fit!   

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It's great to see Lovato looking so content and self-assured after all the things she's been through. Her courage and determination only proves that she is a strong Latina worthy of being a role model not just to her young fans, but to all women.  I can't wait to see her rock the Teen Choice Awards next!

Images via Self

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