Now that Jennifer Lopez is leaving 'American Idol,' will Mariah Carey replace her?

American Idol fans are about to see some big changes! Right on the heels of Steven Tyler's announcement that he is leaving, fellow judge Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she is also departing the show. And now, it looks like another Latina might be taking her place! The one and only Mariah Carey is reportedly in talks to join the singing show for the next season.


Rumors of Lopez's possible departure have been swirling for months and today, it was made official. Speaking to Idol host Ryan Seacrests on his radio show this morning, Lopez cried while she announced she was leaving the show. Her representative, Mark Young, also made a statement that after two years, Lopez is ending her time as reality TV show judge.  

Meanwhile, the last-standing jduge Randy Jackson (who has been there since the start of the show) might also be going in a slightly different direction. Jackson and Idol's producers are reportedly discussing how he can move from a judging role to a mentoring one.

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I have to admit, I'm kind of sad to see Lopez go. She was always fun to watch if only because I always wanted to see what she was wearing! Still, though nothing's been confirmed yet, I  think Carey would make a great substitute for any of the judges! In fact, I can think of few others who would be better for the job. I mean, she is an iconic singer and undeniably one of the best female vocalists of all time. Plus, can you imagine how amazing it would be as a participant to work with Carey? There's no doubt in my mind that her decades of experience would lead to some pretty valuable for the contestants.

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With Demi Lovato on X-Factor, Christina Aguilera on The Voice, Gloria Estefan set to be in the upcoming show The Next, it's clear that Latinas are already ruling the reality show world. Now with Lopez leaving,  I hope Carey will continue the tradition on Idol!

What do you think of Lopez leaving the show and Mariah Carey joining Idol? Tell us in the comments below!

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