The 4th installment of the Ice Age movies is coming out today! Woo hoo! Today's Ice Age: Continental Drift is sure to be my favorite in the series (yes, I've seen them all so far!) because two of my favorite Latino stars are voicing characters this time around: John Leguizamo, of course, lending his vocal talent to Sid once more is being joined by Jennifer Lopez as Shira, a saber-toothed cat. 

I'm excited to see the movie this weekend but it also got me thinking: what other Latino celebrities have voiced some of my favorite animated movies? Here's our list of 12 Latino celebs who lent their vocal talents—some you'll know but many may surprise you. Oh, and don't forget to share with your kids!


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What's your favorite animated movie with a Latino celebrity voicing a character? Share with us in the comments below!

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