'So You Think You Can Dance': Latin ballroom dancers shine in Top 20! (VIDEO)

So You Think You Can Dance is down to its Top 20 contestants! On last night's live show, the dancers were asked to pair up for their performances, which will help determine who makes it into the next rounds. Two definite stand-outs of the night? Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold, who once again stunned the audience and the judges with their amazing Latin dancing!


Though neither of the women are Hispanic, both Carson and Arnold proved they could keep up with any Latina when it comes to dance! The two, who first showed their ballroom skills in their initial audition, gave a couple of the best performances of the entire night, hopefully securing a spot past next week's elimination.

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Carson, paired with Cheon Wespi-Tschopp, opened up the show with her performance. She was clearly in her element, dancing a sizzling samba that displayed her technical skills and garnered her strong praise from the judges. It's pretty clear that Latin is her preferred style of dance—and that she is made for it!

Arnold, paired with Cole Horibe, danced a stunning Paso Doble, causing the judges to give a standing ovation.  In fact, guest judge Kenny Ortega said it was "two of the most fantastic performances I've ever seen on this show" while Nigel Lythgoe said Arnold "had magic."  And I have to agree—she was amazing!

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I have no doubts that these two will make it to the next rounds and probably even to the finals. And since they are both so skilled at Latin dance in particular, it'll be really interesting to see the two of them face off later on in the show. I don't know how anyone would be able to choose between the two!

Watch Arnold and Carson perform a Latin group dance after first finding out they were in the top 20:

What do you think of their Latin dance moves? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via FOX

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