Get an inside look at Sofia Vergara's EPIC 40th birthday celebration! (VIDEO)

Ever wish  you could get a sneak peek into a celebrity's birthday party? Well, thanks to Sofia Vergara's son, Manolo, now you can! He recently posted a new episode on his Internet show, Mi Vida con Toty, and the video shows real-life footage from the actress's EPIC celebration!


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Vergara turned 40 yesterday and she celebrated it in true Latina style with a trip to Mexico and over 90 friends and family members by her side. But from the looks of Manolo's video, the getaway wasn't all about relaxation—there was also plenty of time to party! As can be seen in the clip, Vergara blew out the candles on her awesome and hilarious cake (which featured caricatures of her wearing a mustache and a sombrero) surrounded by her huge entourage as they sang "Happy Birthday." Later, she also danced the night away with all of her loved ones!

"They call that a riot in some places, we just call it a family reunion," Manolo said of the dozens of relatives that flew to Mexico to join the festivities. Hahaha, that's SO true, especially for Latinos, who always like to celebrate in a big way! And her blood family wasn't the only one to show up--her Modern Family co-stars also make an appearance in the video!

But the absolute best part of the whole thing? Vergara's HILARIOUS real aunt Gloria, who reminds me an awful lot of Gloria Pritchett, her character on Modern Family!

Check out the whole episode here:

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