Jennifer Lopez is creating a new TV show in support of the LGBT community!

My feelings about Jennifer Lopez change all the time. Sometimes I love her and her fabulousness, other times, her antics make me just want to grab her and shake her. But her latest project makes me proud to know that she is a fellow Latina. Why? Lopez is making her support for the LGBT community known by developing an hour-long drama series for ABC family-- starring a lesbian couple!    


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The American Idol judge will serve as executive producer for the show, which will center around two female partners, who already have several children and are bringing a teenager into their home. If the project is approved to go to to series, it would join the channel's other series, like Pretty Little Liars and Bunheads, all of which are largely targeted to young adults.  And though this wouldn't be Lopez's first time executive producing, this is definitely very different from her other show, the reality talent competition Q'Viva.  

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 I think this is a great idea! It's amazing that Lopez is willing to lend her fame to show her support to the gay community, especially since there's not that many TV shows that center around LGBT couples. Plus, it's particularly important that the show would be on a channel for teens, because I think exposing younger kids to these kinds of topics will only help them become more open-minded and tolerant in the future.

Hopefully, the idea will actually come to fruition but either way, I'm thrilled that Lopez is ready to be a part of it.  It shows that she cares and that she's willing to lend her very well-known name in support of a community that's just as important as any other.

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