Demi Lovato is having a BIG year! First there was her autobiographical MTV special, then she was named a new judge on X-Factor, and now she is officially set to be the host of this year's Teen Choice Awards!  Wow, that is one busy superstar!


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The Latina singer already has a packed schedule, as seen from the last couple of months in which she joined her fellow X-Factor judges on a national tour for the show's auditions. And it seems like the star is taking all these new opportunities to experiment with her style as well. At the FOX upfronts, she was seen sporting long, blonde locks. Just last month, she dip-dyed the ends of her hair pink. And this weekend, she was seen with this, uhh, interesting hairstyle to the show's North Carolina auditions.

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I've always been a big supporter of Lovato, but I have to say I am NOT so much a fan of this look! The actual outfit is OK--I love the dress and the jacket (although I sort of wish she had worn the dress by itself). But that super strange hairdo and heavy makeup? Way too over-the-top!  

Personally, I think Lovato has a natural, youthful beauty on her own and going too extreme with her style only takes away from that. My favorite looks of hers are always the ones where she's not trying too hard and just wears things that look effortlessly glamorous, like the ones below. Here, 5 of our favorite Lovato styles.  Hopefully, we'll also be able to add her Teen Choice Awards outfit to the list!    

What's your favorite look of Lovato's? Will you watch her the Teen Choice Awards? Tell us in the comments below!

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