Cuteness alert: Baby pandas play on a slide! (VIDEO)

It's the weekend and what better way to kick it off than by watching an ADORABLE and hilarious video? The one below, starting a super cute group of baby pandas, will make you smile and squeal with all of its furry cutenesss!



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In the video, four happy baby pandas are looking to play! They try their luck on a porch swing but it's broken and won't move. After that failed attempt, they discover a slide--and that's when the fun begins!

One after the other, the group of pandas take turns repeatedly riding down the slide until they tumble and fall together into one adorable heap at the bottom. My favorite part of the whole thing? When a woman working with the pandas pushes one of the cuddly creatures down the slide backwards and he lands on the ground after a graceful somersault. EEK, so cute!

Seriously, watching this makes me wish I could play with the pandas too!

Watch the playful pandas here. I guarantee it will brighten up your day!

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Image via YouTube

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