Why Andy Griffith's death reminds me of my father

I woke up today to the news that an American icon, Andy Griffith, has died and I immediately thought of my dad. While Griffith meant very little to me since I was not born in this country and, either way, I'm too young to have any recollection of his famed "Andy Griffith Show" back in the 60s, I do remember my dad watching him in "Matlock" back in the late 80s just as we arrived in the United States from Peru.

I'd be lying if I said it was my favorite show, but I do remember watching it to hang out with my dad, whom I adored, and I laughing a lot with my dad's running commentary about what was going to happen next. 


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"Matlock" was basically a legal drama starring Griffith as criminal defense attorney Ben Matlock. I remember the show being pretty predictable--and it'd probably be consider way too slow by today's courtroom drama standards--with Matlock visiting the scene of a crime, discovering overlooked clues and coming up with a series of theories about what could have happened. And then, of course, came the courtroom scene, my dad's favorite part because Griffith was such a great actor and, as Matlock, he had such a quirky way of being an attorney.

Griffith was 86 when he died this morning in his home on his beloved Roanoke Island in North Carolina. My dad would've turned 89 last Thursday. Seems like there are very little celebrities from my dad's generation who are still around. With the ones no longer here, gone are also the memories of a time that will never come back.

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In honor of Griffith, and of my dad, I think I'll try to find me some Matlock reruns... I think I'll enjoy watching them more now than I did before. 

What are your memories of Andy Griffith? Tell us by leaving us a comment below.

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