J.Lo, Marc Anthony & Casper Smart: One big, happy family? (PHOTO)

Exes Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have remained close even after their divorce, as seen by their roles on their show, Q'Viva! But are Anthony and Lopez's boyfriend, Casper Smart, also good friends? Judging from this recently taken photo, it certainly looks that way!


This snapshot, taken by TMZ, captures Anthony and Smart hugging it out at an airport this week in New York. Anthony has one arm around Smart and the other around his daughter, Emme, with Lopez standing in the background. So do the two really have that great of a relationship?

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If they do, it wouldn't be entirely surprising considering how well Lopez and Anthony seemed to have handled their split. Besides working side-by-side on their reality show, the former couple even performed on stage together earlier this year. They have also managed to amicably split parenting duting when it comes to their twins, Max and Emme.

But though I'm all for keeping a friendly relationship with exes (especially when there are kids involved), I have to admit, it seems kinda strange that Lopez and Smart are so comfortable with each other. After all, at 25 years old, Smart is a much younger beau for Lopez than Anthony. And Smart met and moved in with Lopez pretty quickly after their divorce, which only seems like it would make the whole situation a little more awkward.

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Still, it is nice to see celebrities acting like adults and handling their breakups maturely instead of making it super dramatic as is usually seen these days in Hollywood. And hey, if they have managed to work everything out, then all the more power to them! At least their friendship will make things smoother for the kids.

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Image via TMZ

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