Is Pitbull being exiled to Alaska?

Uh-oh! Is Pitbull being sent to Alaska?! Maybe...but it's not exile, it's for the fans! The Latin rapper is holding a contest in which he will visit whichever Walmart store has the most "likes" on their Facebook page. And so far, Kodiak, an Alaskan island, is in the lead!


Apparently, the competition started after a reporter from the Boston Phoenix newspaper thought it would be funny to send Pitbull to the most remote Walmart store possible. And now the artist is actually taking the challenge, pledging to go to whichever location pulls out the win by July 16.

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So far, the Kodiak Walmart is well ahead of the competition, with almost 43,000 likes as of Tuesday morning. But the other stores still have a couple of weeks to catch up and take the win. Pitbull is reportedly secretly hoping that the Walmart shoppers in his home city of Miami will find a way to beat the other locales!

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I think it would be amazing to go to Alaska! I mean, how many people have that opportunity? Besides, it's all for the fans, who are obviously dying to see him in their city. I'm just glad to see that Pitbull is fun and open enough to keep his word and participate in the competition at all. I can't wait to see where he ends up going!

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