'America's Got Talent' quarterfinals: Will 787 Crew go home? (VIDEO)

The America's Got Talent quarterfinals have officially begun! Several acts took the stage last night to kick off the next level in the competition and try to prove to the judges that deserve to make it another round. One of my favorite acts, the Puerto Rican dance group, 787 crew, were one of the first to perform, and though I thought they did great, the judges were not as impressed.


787 Crew, who flew all the way from Puerto Rico to appear on the show, nailed their initial audition but were shakier during their last performance in Vegas. Still, the judges decided to give them a second chance to prove their talents. Unfortunately, their dance last night disappointed them.

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The crew gave another upbeat performance, full of flips and tricks that left me  impressed. But as big of a fan as I am, even I have to admit that the group was not as in sync as they usually are-- and judges Howie Mandel and Howard Stern noticed.

"Your first two performances...were better," said Mandel. "You got to step it up." And Stern agreed, saying, "I think you're in trouble tonight boys....here's the problem, you do a lot of similar things each time I see you."

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However, Sharon Osbourne was a little more forgiving. "I don't think you're in trouble. Your moves, your look are so different than any other group in your category," she said, although she did admit that she also liked their first two performances better.

Well, I'm definitely with Osbourne! Maybe it wasn't their absolute best dance during the show, but I still don't think 787 Crew deserves to go home. It's clear that they're very talented and that they're working hard and I think they'll step up to the plate if they get through to the next round. Unfortunately, we won't find out until tonight—I just hope America agrees with me!

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