Blake Lively and Salma Hayek are officially BFFs! The two beautiful Savages co-stars became fast friends on set and haven't been able to stop raving about each other since. On their promotional tour for the upcoming film, 45-year-old Hayek even drew comparisons between Lively and herself by calling the 24-year-old "totally Mexican."


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"She likes the food, she eats the spice. She dances like a Mexican, talks like a Mexican, eats like a Mexican, spends time with the family like a Mexican, fights like a Mexican. Don't think you can push her around, eh?" Hayek said on Good Morning America.

And Lively was equally enthusiastic about her new friend, discussing how excited she was when she first found out Hayek got a role in the film. "We were all like we get to be in a movie with Salma!" she said, laughing.

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Well, I would have never predicted the friendship between the two of them but I have to admit—I love it! They're so adorable and bubbly, it's hard not to! Plus, they seem to genuinely think highly each of other, not like the typical co-stars who pile lukewarm praise on each other for the sake of an interview, or worse the starlets who can't seem to stay out of catfights with their costars.

As unlikely of a pairing as they are, you have to admit, they make for one extremely gorgeous duo! Besides, Hayek and Lively aren't the only unexpected team in Hollywood. Below, 5 other surprising celebrity friendships!  

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