9-year-old ping-pong whiz shows off incredible skills! (VIDEO)

I've played plenty of ping pong (OK, beer pong) in my day, but since I have basically zero hand-eye coordination, I am pretty much terrible at it.  That's why I couldn't believe when I saw this video of nine-year-old, Tom Spicer, who is a ping-pong whiz and can make a shot from anywhere.


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Apparently, after first recognizing his son's talents, Tom's dad Neil wanted to test his abilities and so he helped Tom set up trick shots with props like a trash can, a skateboard, and more. As Tom made shot after shot even in these difficult conditions, Neil was there to record it all on tape, making for one unbelievable and super impressive video.

OK, I have to admit I'm a little skeptical about the authenticity of this video…I mean, come on, some of these shots look pretty impossible. BUT whether or not all of them are real, at least a few of them definitely are...which means that at nine-years-old, Tom is already a much better player than I'll ever be and he deserves serious props! I hope his talents take him far as he gets older. 

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Image via YouTube

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