BET Awards 2012: Maria Carey & Cissy Houston star in touching tribute to Whitney Houston

Wow! Is anyone else watching the BET awards tonight? This Whitney Houston tribute is really heartbreaking. Mostly because Houston's mother came out and sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water" which seemed so perfect for the moment.

Cissy Houston truly brought down the house and made everyone from the hardest rappers to Beyonce cry their eyes out. Monica and Brandy both took turns honoring Whitney Houston by performing a medley of her hits.



Then Chaka Khan took to the stage to sing the hit she made famous back in tk and that Houston brought to a whole new generation years later. It was a fantastic and star-studded tribute but the real "moment" here was Cissy Houston and everyone seemed to know it.

Her choice of song was so eerily referential to the deceased pop stars lifetime struggles with drugs and bad choices. Cissy and Whitney stayed close through all the ups and downs and she seemed acknowledge the difficulties that they faced as a family with the mournful Simon & Garfunkel hit.

Mariah Carey started out the whole segment by talking about the first time she heard Whitney Houston's voice and met her backstage at the Grammy awards, reminding everyone in the audience that there were rumors of a "rivalry" between the two divas. Of course, there wasn't really any truth behind the whispers, but as Mariah said, "Whitney didn't play."

All in all, Cissy's tribute felt like a fitting and bittersweet farewell to a pop star that we'll always remember.

Did you watch the BET awards tonight?

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