Is Selena Gomez's perfume ad too sexy?

Whoa, whoa! Selena Gomez just reminded us that her Barney and Friends days are soooo in the past. The video for her new perfume--aptly named Selena Gomez--is, um, not what I expected.

With her infectious hit single, "Love you Like a Love Song," playing in the background, Selena floats through the water in a beautiful wine-colored gown with a racy low-cut neckline. What can I say? The former Disney starlet is totally turning up the heat in this ad!


My problem isn't that she's showing a sexier, more grown-up side. I have a lot of respect for Selena as a businessperson, an artist, and above all, a Latina role model who's had no drama some of the other young celebs have had.

I adore Selena, and I'm not afraid to say "Love you Like a Love Song" is usually thumping in my ear when I'm running.

My problem is that Selena's perfume is not supposed to be marketed to me, but to teeny boppers who look up to her. When they see Gomez's sultry gaze (the kind that could easily be swapped into some of those raunchy late-night hotline commercials--you know the ones I am talking about!), it sends a terrible message.

Take a look for yourself.

Selena has every right in the world to grow up and become her own woman. But her "people" must also realize that the majority of her fan base is still too young to even wear perfume, much less understand the sexy subtext behind her new ads.

Tell me, do you think Selena Gomez's perfume ad is too sexy for the age group she is targeting?

Image via Selena Gomez

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