Jimmy Kimmel pranks kids with fake lie detector, gets HILARIOUS results!

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again! The talk show host has pulled another HILARIOUS prank on a bunch of kids, this one entitled the "Jimmy Kimmel Lie Detective."


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Kimmel tested children's truth-telling abilities by connecting them to fake polygraph machines (made up of a pasta strainer for a helmet) and asking young children, between the ages of 4 and 8, various questions—and trust me, the results will have you dying of laughter.

The questions start off easy, like "What's your name?" and "How old are you?" But then they get much more difficult, as in "Do you ever pick your nose?" and "Do you have a girlfriend?" The funniest part is watching these kids defend their version of the truth, even after the detector "beeps" and lights up to indicate a lie. One particularly persistent boy even insists that he has been to space and played on the moon!

Watch Kimmel's lie detective find the truth in these three hysterical videos:

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