The Dora the Explorer era may have missed me because I wasn't the show's target audience. But how could I not know about Dora, her trusted backpack, and her adventures? Even so, if they really make a Dora the Explorer movie with Ariel Winter like in the hysterical College Humor video, then I'm DEFINITELY going to watch it!

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Besides the hysterical and gorgeous Sofia Vergara, Ariel Winter is my favorite actress on Modern Family. Seeing her in this Dora the Explorer movie spoof, though, I really loved her even more.

The rolling-around-on-the-floor-laughing video, below, is just filled with tons of fun and fake drama. April's dressed in the classic Dora the Explorer gear, walking around and fighting crime in both English and Spanish, along with her monkey on her back and her cousin Diego (who, by the way, looks kinda HOT!). If you're looking for a Friday chuckle, just take a look at this video and GET READY TO LAUGH! I absolutely loved it and I don't even watch Dora regularly. So, if you do (or even if you don't), I bet you'll enjoy this thoroughly. 


What do you think about the Dora the Explorer movie spoof? Would you go see this in theatres? Share with us in the comments below!

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