Magic Mike is FINALLY hitting theaters this weekend! Oh my GAWD.  

After months of drooling over every leaked bare chest, fireman costume and body role (Joe Manganiello has nailed this move!)--the movie that will unite all women in a fit of nervous giggles is here at long last.

Why am I so excited for this film? No, it's not going to be this year's The Artist, but you know what it will be? 


A chance for us ladies to ogle at super hot guys for like, 90 whole entire uninterrupted minutes! Since basically every other film made EVER has a hot woman in it, I know most of our hubbies won't understand what the big deal is. Don't let them rain on your parade, chicas. Just gather up your BFF and tell your man you'll be home after he goes to bed.

Then head to the theaters and afterwards to a bar so you can relive all of your favorite moments...again!

Oh, and I actually heard from a bunch of folks who have seen advanced screenings that the film is really good. Eh, I know--who cares right? Here are the top 10 reasons you should, no, you need to go see Magic Mike this weekend:

Image via Warner Bros.