What's so funny about a drunk baby? Um, basically everything

So you probably read that headline and thought I was all sorts of crazy. Like maybe I'm some horrible baby abuser that funnels tequila straight down into a baby's mouth or something like that, right? Well, don't worry. I'm not that person. I just happened to have come across this hilarious new Internet meme, and it's so funny that I had to share.

You see, it involves a picture of a baby making a funny face while perched on a table next to a pint of beer. Then, people just started added hysterical quotes to it. Don't believe me? Check them out yourself and tell me they don't make you LOLZ!

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Mariela is the Managing Editor of MamásLatinas for CafeMom. She's also a politics and pop culture junkie and lover of all NY sports teams (except the Mets--'cause really, come on).

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