Mama Bear rescues baby cub stuck in garage! (VIDEO)

Every kind of mama is protective over her babies right? You have to do whar you have to do to protect you kid--like the mama bear in this adorable video, who saves her cub after he gets stuck in a garage!


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As can be seen in the clip, the baby bear somehow gets locked in a person's garage, swinging from a metal bar close to the ceiling. As he howls for help, his mom effortlessly lifts the garage door (wow, clearly those don't work as well as we think) and opens it enough for the cub to be able to crawl out. I guess seeing his mom spurs the cub into action because he then swings from the bar onto a nearby ladder and carefully crawls down before ambling out of the garage safely.

Can you imagine having two bears in your garage?! And a fierce mama bear who is clearly overprotective, nonetheless. I would like to know who was recording this video and how they weren't completely terrified! Still, the two bears are cute and it's adorable seeing the mom come to her cub's rescue.

Watch the incident go down here:

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Image via YouTube


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