Photoshop fail: Is that Eva Longoria?! (PHOTO)

Every woman (and man!) knows that Eva Longoria is one of the most beautiful female celebrities—Latina or otherwise---in Hollywood right now! So why on Earth did Italian magazine, Amica, feel the need to Photoshop the heck out of her face?!


Longoria appeared on the magazine's most recent cover, looking dramatically different than her typical lovely self. Her skin, normally an enviable tan color, is about five shades lighter than usual and her gorgeous face is so heavily airbrushed that I had to do a double take and squint my eyes before realizing it was really her! I mean, seriously, the photo looks absolutely NOTHING like the Longoria we know.

The editors at Amica, however, deny the use of Photoshop, explaining that the light skin tone is simply a side-effect of the lighting and "hours and hours of make-up." Um, are they crazy? Making such a famous face virtually unrecognizable is pretty difficult and there's no way that this was done with just makeup and a few lightbulbs.

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But even besides the obviously heavy Photoshopping, the actual positioning of the photo is also super awkward. For some unexplained reason, Longoria is positioned in this weird beach-island theme, in which she holds a papaya, sits with watermelon at her feet and wears flowers in her hair. Again, HUH?!

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I know magazine covers are hardly accurate representations of reality nor are they necessarily meant to be, but this is just way too much! From the strange set to her disturbing appearance, the whole cover is just terrible. I admit I'm never really been a fan of airbrushing but this is by far one of the biggest Photoshopping fails I've ever seen. Longoria is so effortlessly pretty on her own! They should've just portrayed her as she is instead of messing with her natural beauty.

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Images via Amica, Splash News

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