'America's Got Talent:' Judges choose 23 surprising semifinalists (VIDEO)

America's Got Talent is getting tougher and tougher! On Monday night, the judge's favorite contestants performed for a second time to try and gain a spot in semifinals in New York. Last night, the three judges revealed the 23 acts that will continue on in the competition--and I was very saddened to learn that some of my absolutely favorite performers were sent home!


After much argument, Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel finally announced the performers that will be coming back next week and the results were definitely surprising. Perhaps most heartbreaking was that beloved Latin father-daughter duo, Jorge & Alexa Narvaez, got sent packing after a performance the judges deemed lackluster. NOOO! They were seriously one of my—and I think all of America's—favorite acts and their duets always made me smile. I'm super disappointed to see them go.

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Other unexpected goodbyes went to early favorite and much-featured opera singer, Andrew De Leon. The judges thought he froze in his second performance and did not deserve to go on. Soul cutie Isaac Brown also did not make it through, although with his charisma, I truly expect that kid to be on the stage any day now.

But thankfully, there was some good news—the amazing 10-year-old mariachi singer, Sebastian de la Cruz once again wowed the judges with his mature voice and will be moving on to the New York rounds, as will Latin dancing group, the Untouchables. And the talented and dedicated dancing crew that flew all the way from Puerto Rico for their audition, 787 Crew, found that they did not make their journey in vain as they will also be moving on to the semifinals.

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While I disagree with some of the judge's decisions (I mean, seriously, the Narvaez'?!), I am beyond thrilled to see some truly talented and impressive Latin acts make it through to the next round. I can't wait to watch them all perform again in the semifinals and hope to also see them go on again to the finals!!

What did you think of the judge's decisions? Tell us in the comments below!

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