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Casper Smart, J. Lo's boyfriend, is accused of being gay (VIDEO)

There is a saying in Venezuela that goes: "we were many and grandmother gave birth" (things were bad, then they got worse), that could applied to the situation brought by a professional dancer called Joshua Lee Ayers, who in an interview with InTouch magazine accuses Casper Smart, Jennifer López's boyfriend, of being gay. He assures the only thing his colleague pursues with his courtship to Marc Anthony's ex is fame and money.


And for spicing up even more the accusations, this dancer –who has participated in FOX TV series "Glee"– uploaded a photo of Casper Smart on his Twitter account in a very suggestive pose. Together with the picture was the phrase: "Check out Ur boy… And his low key homo ways".

In the picture you can see J.Lo's sweetie shirtless, in golden shorts (obviously stuffed with something), a deer hunter hat and a scarf, in addition to being in the company of a group of men who posed in underwear with brightly colored accessories.

According to a post published by InTouch, Ayers assures that what makes Casper stay with J.Lo is greed, but not love. "It's not love. It's about businesses and public relations. He is willing to do whatever Jennifer wants, provided that he promotes his career." Univision's news portal reported that Mark Young –J.Lo's and Smart's publicist– already came forward in defense of his clients, ensuring that "Casper is not gay. These comments were born from envy and jealousy. It must be today is a slow news day."

Oh, and Jennifer López did not stay behind. According to the Spanish newspaper ABC, the artist stated: "Casper is not gay, these comments are born from envy and they soon will be forgotten".

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Meanwhile, we leave you here with a video of the song "Dance Again", where the couple demonstrates how well they get along dancing:

Image via Getty/  Joshua Lee Ayers/Twiter

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