Is Princess Merida a "Brave" Latina?

Neither my kids or my husband believed me when I told them that the lead character in Pixar's new movie Brave, Princess Merida,  is a Latina. But I inist--she really is one of us!

Just look at her name: Merida. Mérida, with an accent is the name of at least three big cities in Spanish speaking countries: Spain, México, and Venezuela.


Guess who created her? An Argentinian animator called Ramiro López Dau, who moved with his family to Spain at a very young age, and now lives in California. See, her real dad is a Latino immigrant! 

López Dau, who also animated the short movie Luna, that is being shown right before Brave in theaters, explained that most of Princess Merida's expressions and passion come from his Latino roots. "She is a strong character and the director wanted the attitude to show in every movement."

Where else do you find females with Brave's feisty attitude, I ask? I won't even go into her looks. I don't have to insist that we come in very color, right? I have at least three Latina friends who are real red heads and look at those curls!

Even if Merida wasn't Latina--which she is, I swear--I would make her an honorary one. I love how she defies conventions and fights to create her own destiny. I also feel that her struggle is very similar to what many acculturated Hispanic girls go through every day with their more traditional parents.

Are you convinced she is one of us? Tell us in the comments below!

Image via Disney

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