Ridiculously cute sea otter is also trying to beat the summer heat ! (VIDEO)

WOW, it is so freaking hot out lately! The rising summer temperatures these past few days have made the air dry and humid enough to make anyone want to jump into the nearest body of water. And we're not the only ones feeling the heat—as seen in this adorable video, animals are also doing anything they can to stay cool!


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In this ridiculously cute video, a small young sea otter swims around while covering his eyes with his adorable teeny paws. According to the YouTube page, otters often do this to stay refreshed while still managing to keep their paws out of the cold water. Yeah, that or he needs some goggles.  EEEK so cute!!

And apparently, this isn't just any otter. He's also the leading man in a movie, Otter 501, a documentary that shows how he was rescued after he got separated from his mother and learned to live on his own! Awww! He's so sweet he makes me want to cover my eyes, too!  

Check out the video below:

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Image via YouTube