My husband is a secret 'Twilight' fan!

Is it weird that when Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out, I could care less but my husband will probably know exactly what's going? It is, I know it is. The insanely popular Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer is aimed at my 14-year-old niece more so than my hubby.

So, years ago when I saw him whip out a hard copy of Twilight, I could barely contain my laughter. "Ha! Why the heck are you reading a book for tweens?" I asked through my giggles.

I should have been more supportive because eventually he read not just one, but every single book in the series--New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn--on his iPad and iPhone. He switched from the hard cover because of all my teasing. Don't feel too bad for him, I saved him additional ridicule and also his veneer of masculinity. That's the truth. (I mean, even our tween son wouldn't get near the series.)           


The opposite of Twilight is True Blood, which we watch together and will sometimes spend dinner dates dissecting what's happening and what we think will happen to Bill, Sookie, and Eric. Or we'll talk about silly things like whether I have fairy blood. Yup, I went there--so see, I'm not immune to geeking out about supernatural stories.

That said, he's a huge fan of the vampire genre, which probably dates back to when he was a kid reading Anne Rice books, so I'll give him a pass for reading Twilight based on his previous love for hardcore vampire tales.

As a die-hard fan, he had some criticism about how the Twilight vampires can go out during the day, especially the fact that they sparkled--I mean come on! Either way, I couldn't engage in conversation about the books, all I could do was share his horror at the fact that these vampires were out having normal daytime lives.

You probably won't find him lined up to watch the second part of Breaking Dawn because the last time we walked by during a midnight showing of part 1 we were the oldest people by miles. But I won't out it past him to put in in our queue the SECOND it's out on DVD.

Are you looking forward to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

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on Nov 21, 2012 at 2:55 PM
My husband has begrudgingly taken me to every Twilight movie and read each of the books between Twilight and New Moon. He always huffs and puffs and nearly falls asleep during the marathons. This year, finally, he loved the latest movie! He wanted to see it again! I think he's secretly became a twihard. He downloaded the trivia game for his iPhone and I catch him playing it quite frequently. He's actually stopped complaining about me wanting to watch the movies or listen to the soundtracks and he even went out and got me Breaking Dawn in paperback so I didn't have to ruin my original hard cover copy and he laughs when I make Twilight references. He's joined the dark side! I love him for it too. Just to tell any of his guy friends!
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on Nov 21, 2012 at 9:29 PM
I love twilight movies because Edward and Bella look so cute to together and I wish I could go out with Edward Cullen I will make hm happy I wish I can see hm I will be so happy in my life.
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