High school mariachi band inspires entire Texas town! (VIDEO)

Ever wished you could just find some good mariachi music? Meet Mariachi Halcon, a varsity, award-winning group from Zapata High School in Texas. The band, made up of 24 students, has won the state mariachi competition the last two years and is now the subject of an upcoming PBS documentary, "Mariachi High," premiering at the end of this month.


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In a school that's made up of about 98 percent Latino students, many of the band's players grew up listening to mariachi music. But even the most talented musicians have to compete to part of the elite band, which boasts a wide variety of members, including the school's valedictorian.  One thing they do all have in common however? The motivation to succeed and excel at their music.

Now, it looks like their hard work has paid off, as viewers will be able to see them perform in the PBS documentary airing June 29th. The show will tracking the students in the group from auditions onward and give the audience an inside view as to what goes into the preparation of their music.

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I'm always impressed when I hear of young teens having such notable musical skills, but I'm even moreso with this group because mariachi is such a unique and specific type of music. It's amazing that these kids are able to explore their passions while simultaneously embracing their culture.  Their dedication is sure to take them far, in or out of the mariachi world. Maybe we'll be buying their CD one day!

Watch a preview of the documentary here:

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