Amazing all-male dance crew reps Puerto Rico on 'America's Got Talent'! (VIDEO)

Puerto Rico took over America's Got Talent last night! On Monday night, the show featured its final batch of auditions and one performance stood out from the pack of singers, comedians and even a performing pig. 787 Crew, a Puerto Rican all-male dance group, took the stage to represent their home country and show the world what they can do.


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The group, named for an area code of Puerto Rico, paid over $3,000 in plane tickets and made the long journey from the island to the States all to show off their moves.  "Tonight, we're going to show America that Puerto Rico's got talent too," one of the dancers said to the camera. 

And they certainly met their goal! The crew, decked out in black and neon green and yellow outfits, performed a fun, lively and upbeat dance that showed off their impressive skills. With synchronized flips and turns, the group brought judges Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne to a standing ovation and caused the audience to begin chanting "Vegas!"

"787, I absolutely loved it," said Osbourne. Mandel agreed, saying, "I love the showmanship, I love the outfits, I love the attitude," he said. "I'm so thrilled that Puerto Rico is included in America's Got Talent!"  And even the normally harsher Howard Stern, chimed to declare 787 "one of the best dance acts [they've] seen on the stage."

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The praise drew emotion from the crew, who told the crowd that the audition is a "dream come true."  Luckily, all three judges were willing to invest in their dream, unanimously voting them on to the next rounds in Vegas.

Wow! Can you imagine the dedication it takes to fly from Puerto Rico just for an audition? I'm so glad that their determination and hard work has paid off. They are a truly talented group of dancers and I have a feeling their skills-- and desire to represent the talent in their country-- will take them far into the competition.  Puerto Rico should be proud!

Watch their performance:

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Image via NBC

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