Demi Lovato faces off with Simon Cowell on 'X-Factor'!

The claws have definitely come out on X-Factor! But surprisingly the drama isn't between the contestants, it's between the judges—specifically the known-to-be harsh critic Simon Cowell and the show's newbie, Demi Lovato.


As auditions have continued on the talent show, the two are reportedly quickly becoming enemies, constantly arguing and lobbying insults back and forth.  Perez Hilton reported that  Cowell has previously accused Lovato of being "annoying" and "a brat" while Lovato has called Cowell "old."

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And their feud doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, as made apparent by their latest exchange of words in which Cowell called Lovato and fellow female judge Britney Spears "catty" after they dismissed a female singer who he took a liking to. It seems as if Cowell thought the only reason Lovato and Spears didn't like the contestant was because she was pretty! Wow, seriously? How sexist can you be?  It is so like Simon (whose ego is so big I'm surprised he can even balance on his own two feet) to assume that one woman would be threatened by another attractive woman!

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His remarks didn't sit well with Lovato either, who showed her Latina sass by retorting, "You're annoying me. You're actually annoying everyone here." Yes! Go Demi! I like a girl who can stand her ground.

Besides, she's totally right! I mean, what is Cowell's problem? From what I've seen of Lovato, she seems like one of the realest, most down-to-earth celebs in Hollywood! I'm sure she was only giving her honest opinion of the contestant, but unfortunately, Cowell can't stand to be disagreed with.  I'm just glad she doesn't take his BS lying down—someone has to put Cowell in his place. And it's totally fitting that it would be a Latina!

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