A touching Father's Day tribute from Sofia Vergara's son Manolo (VIDEO)

Just in time for Father's Day, Sofia Vergara's son Manolo uploaded a video ode his dad. Sofia and Jose Luis Gonzalez split when Manolo was in the midst of his terrible twos, but based on the photo montage included in the video on Mi Vida con Toty, Manolo celebrated key moments such as birthdays with both his mom and dad under the same roof!

Our family court system is so rife with nasty divorce and child custody disputes that it makes Sofia's friendly relationship with her ex seem like a rarity, but clearly she and her ex-hubby decided to put Manolo above their petty disputes. That his parents played nice has obviously been very important to Manolo and you can tell that he feels the love from both of his parents. 


Not only did they play nice, but Sofia and Jose Luis worked out a deal that if she focused on her career in the U.S., Jose Luis had an open invitation to stay at her house when he was in town. And he has!

Imagine that! Your ex-husband sleeping in another room in your house. It's not in the name of scandal, but in the name of parenting. Just another reason why Sofia Vergara is awesome.

Ultimately, Manolo's most touching message to his dad is that he'll never be replaced by any of Sofia's boyfriends. To say that publicly take some guts, and I'm pretty sure he means it.

What do you think of Manolo's Father's Day message? Would you be able to work out a deal like Sofia Vergara did with her ex?

Image via YouTube