An open letter to Rihanna: You're amazing, so why are you still hanging out with Chris Brown? (VIDEO)

Dear Rihanna,

I'm a big fan of you and your music. Whenever the world went into a tizzy over one of your racy tweets, your scandalous and sometimes ridiculous outfits, and your relationships with either one of your family members or previous boyfriends, I've always been 100 percent on your side. Because you're Rihanna! But when I heard about the fight between your ex Chris Brown and your friend/maybe ex (does anyone know at this point? Do you even know?), Drake that went down this weekend, supposedly over you, I felt really disappointed—not in them, but in you.


Why? Well, word on the street is that Brown and Drake (who has denied being involved in the incident) went from popping bottles at a NYC club to throwing them--all because they were supposedly fighting over you! Now, I have no idea if that's actually true. After all, this is hardly the first time a pair of perpetually angry rappers/hip-hoppers came to blows under the influence of alcohol. The fight could've been over anything. Still the whole incident got me thinking: Why are you enabling them at all, especially Brown?!

I know first loves are hard to get over, even when the relationship ended as badly as yours did. And though I don't at all condone being friends with him, I understand it. But to stay in such close contact with someone who after everything, is still just a hothead who likes to engage in irresponsible, toxic, violent behavior? I know you like living on the edge and all, but that's just stupid. It's stupid not because you are an idol to lots of young girls around the world (which you are) or because the same public that is buying your music and bringing your singles to #1 is begging you to stay away from him (which they are), but because you deserve so much better.

Yes, on one hand, it's kind of awesome that you have two famous, good-looking celebrities, who have their pick of girls, so seemingly hung up on you. But if anything, that should just show you that there are tons of guys out there throwing themselves at your feet. So you shouldn't be afraid to hold out for one who is a gentleman and treats you like a princess! You are talented, gorgeous, and have (from what I can tell) personality for days--so please, please, PLEASE start recognizing that and acting accordingly!



Watch the incident go down:

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