I can't wait to see the Latinas catfight on the new 'Dallas' reboot! (RECAP)

I don't know if you've heard, but one of TV's biggest family dramas EVER came back last night. Dallas, which premiered on TNT, is a reboot of the original CBS TV show that ran from 1978-1991. The impressive thing about the show, besides that it picks up years later with the same family drama at the Ewing's Southfork property, is that it actually features four Latinas in this Texas-based show.

Yesterday's episode was a worthy return to the family soap opera but, to be honest, all I really care about is seeing Brazilian Jordana Brewster and Argentine Julie Gonzalo get into a HUGE catfight! I am anxiously awaiting this moment cause, let me tell you, it is GOING to happen.


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Maybe it's a bit mean of me to watch a television show just to see the two young Latinas go at it… but, well, why else do we watch telenovelas anyway? And I definitely know it'll happen and, hopefully, happen soon. I don't think their story could possibly be more dramatic. Though I'm betting it will get more dramatic, which is exactly what I'm hoping will lead to the big showdown between Elena Ramos (Jordana) and Rebecca Sutter (Julie).

Okay, so stuff happened in the show… a lot of things that have to do with oil drilling and green energy and each member of the family fighting over ruling the estate. Julie Gonzalo's character is engaged to Jesse Metcalfe's Christopher Ewing, who wants to take Southfork into the future and be more green, while Jordana Brewster's character is with Josh Henderson's John Ross, who wants to continue with the oil drilling.

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But, get this: Christopher used to date Elena but then broke up with her via email. But, wait, the email may have actually been sent by John?! And now Christopher is engaged to Rebecca, but Elena is still in love with him despite running into the arms of his cousin John the minute she was dumped. Can we say CATFIGHT?!

Yes, I am excited. Like BEYOND excited. I mean, who else but these two Latinas to inject some telenovela-like drama into this family soap?

Did you watch yesterday's Dallas episode? Are you hoping that Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo's characters will get into a catfight? Share with us in the comments below!

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