The Untouchables dance group bring Latin moves to America's Got Talent! (VIDEO)

Latina superstar Jennifer Lopez made an appearance on last night's America's Got Talent episode…well, kind of! Lopez's hit single with Pitbull, "On the Floor," served as the background music for The Untouchables, an amazing dancing group made up of a bunch of very talented and adorable young girls (and three boys) between the ages of 8 and 13.


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The Untouchables' lively dancing performance lit up the stage during the show's Tampa Bay auditions and took me completely by surprise! I mean, damn, these kids can move! The group featured adorable little girls dressed in neon, feathery costumes and the dapper boys dressed in slick all black outfits and from the minute they started their perfectly timed, upbeat, hip-shaking performance, it honestly felt like I was watching a troupe of grown up professional dancers. Being so young, they definitely know to put on a good show.

I wasn't the only one astounded by their skills. "You definitely didn't disappoint," said judge Sharon Osbourne. "It was precise, technically it was at such a high level. I mean, 8-year-olds, the level that you're at is incredible!" Howard Stern also called them "captivating" while Howie Mandel stated that their "technique combined with their youth was phenomenal." All three judges unanimously decided to send the group to the next rounds in Vegas.

Seriously, what is it with all of the super talented kids on the show these days? Does this young generation have some kind of star-making chemical in their water? Whatever the case, I can't wait to see them all battle it out in Vegas—between the Narvaez duo, little Sebastian de La Cruz, and now, the Untouchables, it's definitely going to be one fierce competition.    

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Image via NBC

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