Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn Lozada both celebrate new jobs!

Well that didn't take very long! Only a few days after Chad Ochocinco was released from the New England Patriots, news broke that the receiver signed with the Miami Dolphins yesterday. And how did he celebrate? Exactly the way he marks most occasions: by updating his Twitter profile and tweeting excitement to his followers.


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Ochochinco, a Miami native, changed his profile avatar to a cartoon caricature of himself in a Miami Dolphins jersey and changed the description from "Unemployed Black Guy" (which he had added after his release) to "Miami Dolphins WR. MusclePharm Athlete." He also tweeted in Spanish and English after the news broke, writing:

Desde La Ciudad de La Libertad (Donde comence esta Aventura) regreso a La Ciudad de La Libertad...

From Liberty City (The Journey) back to where it started Liberty City...

One person who's stayed surprisingly mum about Ochocinco's latest gig? His fiancee, Evelyn Lozada! Though she was plenty vocal on Twitter when he first got released, she has yet to share a public reaction about his signing, at least on the social media site. Maybe because she's too busy with her own new job--an author! That's right ladies and gents, Lozada is celebrating the release of her first book today, The Inner Circle: The Wives Association. The novel is reportedly one of a trilogy in which she will give readers details of what it's like being in the "inner circle" of basketball wives (hmm...doesn't that sounds familiar?).

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Well it certainly sounds like a busy week for the couple! I guess a few days really can make quite a big difference. One thing's for sure--it'll be interesting seeing all this whirlwind drama play out on their upcoming reality show (jeez another project!), Ev & Ocho. With all of these career jumps and their upcoming wedding (which is set to be shown on the finale episode) I foresee a lot of celebrating.

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