Legendary basketball player Michael Jordan and his fiancee,Yvette Prieto, applied for a marriage license yesterday!

Now we can officially add the former Chicago Bulls star to the ever growing list of male celebrities who have fallen head over heels for Latinas! 


And it's about time! Jordan and Prieto first announced their engagement in more than two years ago, in December 2011. This would be Jordan's second marriage.

Aww, what an exciting step forward for the couple! I'm so happy for the two of them and can't wait to see what their actual wedding will be like.

But Jordan is hardly the only celebrity male to show love for a Latina. The list of Latina lovers is long and includes athletes, actors, directors, more than one prince and even a Beatle! And hey can you really blame them? We are pretty irresistible!  Below, a look at some of our favorite, famous bicultural couples.

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Reporting by Alicia Civita & Michelle Regalado

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