I don't remember the old Dallas TV show. I was just a baby and not even living in the US when it originally aired, but I've heard plenty about how powerful and popular the family drama was during its run from 1978-1991. I love a good family drama, so I was particularly excited when I heard that there was going to be a reboot of Dallas, set to premiere on June 13th on TNT.

The most exciting part about the new show is that not only it is set in Texas (duh), but it actually represents the Latino population there. There are definitely quite a few TV shows that are set in Latino-heavy areas but omit the fact that we exist (ahem, Southland). Well, Dallas isn't making that mistake! And luckily for us, they're featuring four Latina actresses in the show (including one of my favorites, Jordana Brewster). Take a look at who else is featured—and what crazy antics they will be up to this season!


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Will you be watching the Dallas reboot? Are you excited to see so many Latinas represented on the show? Share wiht us in the comments below!

Image via TNT